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Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile. As a fully-fledged dental hospital, Nanodent Center Turkey works to provide you with a holistic dental experience and help you achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. We are a hi-tech dental center in Turkey offering advanced dental treatments at affordable and reliable prices.


We are providing excellent dental care using the latest technology methods and devices. Our skilled experts have years of experience and the highest standards to provide you with the best dental services.


Why not take full advantage of the charming beaches and sunshine of beautiful Antalya while sparing some time for dental treatment? Whether it’s the Hollywood Smile, Dental Implant Treatment or Laser Whitening you need, we will complete your treatment in the shortest time possible enabling you to enjoy your visit to its full extent. Antalya is a diverse city. There are many activities to choose from.

Explore an ancient historical site, soak up the Mediterranean sun whilst swimming in the crystal clear waters. Experience fun attractions and theme parks or chase that adrenalin rush of a canyon. All this sounds exiting, so why not revive yourself with a traditional Hamam and indulge in Turkey’s specialty cuisine.

Why Choose Us?

Nanodent Center Turkey is always committed to providing accurate information. For us, the happiness and health of our patients are at the forefront because we are a big family with our patients. Didn’t what we say sound convincing to you? Then you can check the dental before and after photos or reviews of our patients. You can also verify from trustworthy portals like Trustpilot.

Hi-Tech Clinics

We use the most up-to-date technology and equipment available to provide the best dental care.


Our Professional team will guide you during your dental treatment from beginning to finish.


Put your trust in our expert smile dentists who have years of experience and are trained to the highest standard.


We always care about your dental health even after your dental treatment. For this, we always stay in contact with you.

Our Treatments

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Dental Implants

It's not hard to regain your self-confidence. It is very easy to achieve with NanodentTurkey. Full Mouth Implants Turkey Dental...

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Dental Crowns

  The dentist may recommend zirconium dental treatment or metal infrastructure dental coating to patients who want to have two...

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Hollywood Smile

  You can browse our page for examples of Hollywood smiles. Hollywood Smile is achieved after the aesthetics performed by...

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  Teeth whitening treatment is also known as Bleaching. These are procedures performed to clean the stains on the teeth....

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Composite Fillings

Composite filling material is known as a filling material frequently used in dental treatments. Dentists use this material during dental...

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment involves a treatment process that requires patience over a long period of time.   Feeling Pain During...

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Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry includes the beneficial parts of all kinds of software-supported technologies available within the computer. What is Digital Dentistry?...

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Multi Unit Abutment

Many differences recognise Multi Abutment Prostheses from other prostheses. With the development of digital dentistry and related technologies, obtaining such...

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All On 4

All on 4 technique is a dental treatment option that is scientifically shown to be the most effective solution due...

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The 4 operating rooms of the Nanodent dental center are inspected by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey in a high-level discipline at certain periods. Nanodent Dental Center is an institution with the largest capacity in operating theater concepts in Antalya. The surgical conditions of the Nanodent dental center have reached the standard of being a pioneering institution in the international platform in the treatment of patients by anesthetizing. Nanodent Dental Center sleeps and awakens between 150 and 250 patients a month internationally.

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22 years of dental and hospital management experience, NanoDent Centre Turkey has been designed to become the gateway to the world.

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