Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

What is it?

Root canal treatment involves the elimination of infected nerves within the tooth and their replacement with appropriate materials. Typically, this treatment is administered to teeth affected by cavity-induced nerve damage. Typically, the procedure can be accomplished in one or two sessions. This treatment plays a pivotal role in preserving the tooth's function and saving it from further deterioration.

In which cases should it be preferred?

It is commonly used for teeth affected by severe cavities, especially when there is pain, with the primary goal being pain relief. In situations of escalating inflammation, it may also be employed when there is swelling in the gum and facial region.

Root canal treatment may become necessary when there are fractures in traumatized teeth or when a dislodged tooth is repositioned. Furthermore, it might be the preferred course of action when dental nerves become exposed or when severe pain is experienced during the preparation of teeth for crowning.

How is it done?

Prior to commencing the treatment, radiographs captured are employed to assess the caries, canals, and overall oral structure. If, upon assessment, it is deemed suitable, the procedure can be executed painlessly under local anaesthesia. After achieving numbness, the decay is removed, and access to the tooth canals is established. Subsequently, infected tissues are meticulously removed from the area using anatomically appropriate instruments. Following this, the canals are filled with appropriate materials and sealed with a composite filling.

Post-procedure warnings

To start, the initial pain will subside post-procedure. Nonetheless, there might be slight tingling sensations, particularly when biting down. This discomfort, which typically lasts for approximately one week, can be alleviated to the greatest extent possible using pain relievers and, in cases of inflammation, antibiotics may be prescribed if deemed necessary.

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