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Composite filling material is known as a filling material frequently used in dental treatments. Dentists use this material during dental filling treatments. Decayed teeth, cracked teeth, broken teeth, or teeth that need repair are treated with composite dental filling.


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Generally searched queries include What is Composite Filling? How To? Why is it done? How Long Does It Last? As the Nanodent team, we will explain to you the curious situations.


What is Radiated Composite Filling?

The work done to treat problematic teeth is completed using the composite filling method. Thanks to this method, fractures and rotten teeth are completed with the doctor giving them an aesthetic shape.

The areas where composite filling material is used are the aviation industry, construction industry, automobile industry and healthcare industry. The reason why it is used so intensively in every field is that the composite material has a durable material and is cheaper than similar materials.

These substances used in the health sector are produced in a way that does not harm human health. In addition, thanks to different additions, it is made even stronger so that it can be used without any problems for a long time.

Its compatibility with tooth color makes it frequently used in the repair of tooth decay. Its ease of use for treatment makes it widely preferred by our dentists.




What is Composite Filling Production?

Composite dental filling is a procedure carefully applied by our dentists. It is a dental procedure performed to restore or restore an aesthetic appearance for a person with dental discomfort. The treatment process may vary depending on the severity of the problem patients have, but it generally does not take too long.

We can list the composite filling process as follows:

NanodentTurkey dentists primarily examine dental problems and clarify the planned treatment process for damaged teeth that require treatment. The condition of the tooth is analyzed and it is clarified whether an advanced surgical intervention is required for composite filling.

If there are any decayed teeth, they are cleaned and fillings are started. Local anesthesia is applied to prevent tooth decay treatment from causing pain.

An acidic gel is applied to the teeth under local anesthesia, ensuring better adhesion of the material.

After this process, a special light helps this material harden quickly and become more durable.

Our dentists shape this material both according to the setting of your teeth and as it should be.

When the shaping process is completed, the tooth filling is polished.


Why is Composite Filling Production Necessary?

You may want to have a composite filling due to problems with your teeth. We can say that tooth decay is among the most common reasons for composite fillings.

After the tooth decay is completely cleaned, a composite filling is applied and the tooth is used healthily for years.

Composite fillings can generally be preferred for aesthetic reasons. It is one of the most common treatment methods used to solve cracked, broken or missing teeth.

It is about eliminating the problems experienced with tooth sensitivity due to the wear of tooth enamel over time. It undertakes the task of completing and protecting the structure of the fractures that occur in your teeth.

The color may match your teeth. After the treatment process, you can see that it is no different from your natural teeth. It does not pose any health problems as it does not contain mercury.


How Long is the Lifespan of Composite Filling?

Composite fillings in Turkey are very durable and do not lose their durability for many years. However, if you think your teeth are strong and force them to a level that will damage them, your natural teeth, including composite fillings, may experience problems.

You should consume foods and drinks that do not affect your dental health.

Even if the filling is very strong, it should not be forgotten that the front teeth always experience more impact and pressure. If you take care of your teeth, composite fillings can remain intact for more than 10 years.

Additionally, the doctor must be a professional physician for the procedures to be performed. The dentist who will perform the composite filling must be an expert in his field. Otherwise, there may be changes in the durability of the teeth.


Why is Irradiated Composite Filling Used?

The main purpose of the radiation treatment method is to make the teeth stronger after the treatment is completed. Fillings placed on the tooth treated with the radiation method are made more durable and permanent.

Thanks to the beam composite technology, it allows you to return home comfortably as soon as your treatment is completed.




Is There a Way to Make Irradiated Composite Filling?

The damaged parts of your tooth are prepared and completed with the composite filling method. It is then quickly hardened with UV rays.


What Can We Eat During Composite Filling?

Following composite filling treatment, sticky and hard foods should not be consumed for a while as they will put pressure on the fillings.

High-temperature drinks and very cold drinks can damage even healthy teeth and cause wear and breakage of the composite filling.

After composite filling, teeth should be brushed regularly. Alcohol and cigarettes should definitely not be used for a while.

You should contact the dentist immediately if you notice sudden color changes and pain in your teeth.


Is Composite Filling Treatment Painful?

Composite filling treatment generally takes place in a painless process. Dentists apply local anesthesia to the person to be treated during the treatment. In this way, you will not experience any discomfort during the treatment.

Composite application is generally painless. During the treatment process, the patient recovers much more easily because dentists apply local anesthesia to the area where the tooth is located. If you have a toothache and are experiencing unbearable problems, you should immediately see a doctor and get checked.


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