Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry

Modern digital dentistry leverages CAD/CAM technology, enabling direct digital impressions to be obtained from the patient's oral cavity through computer-assisted methods, such as intraoral or model scanning, with subsequent preparation of prosthetic restorations. A key benefit of this approach is its typically single-session nature, allowing for the rapid completion of the prosthesis.

Which procedures can be applied?

Porcelain crown and bridge, lamina, onlay and inlay (porcelain) fillings can be made.

What are the Stages of a Digital Application?

  1. Intraoral Digital Scanning (Measurement)

Digital scanners are used to perform a 3D scan of the teeth that require restoration. This process facilitates the transfer of the tooth's 3D image into a virtual environment.

  1. Digital Design

Either your dentist or the laboratory associated with them undertakes the design of this transferred intraoral region. Within the computer environment, every aspect, including the tooth's shape, contours, and alignment with the gum, is meticulously designed with remarkable precision.

  1. Production of Teeth in Digital Environment

The restoration chosen based on the design is manufactured using 3D printers, supported by CAD/CAM milling machines. Subsequently, the polishing phase is finalized either manually or through an oven-based process.

  1. Conclusion

Our Nanodent practitioners receive the finalized teeth. The product, crafted using either special resin or conventional bonding systems, is then cemented in place.

So, what are the advantages of this procedure?

  • The duration spent in the patient's chair, referred to as Chair Time, is significantly reduced. The procedure can be finalized within a single session, and its impact on patients can be quantified as well.
  • Because the treatment process unfolds entirely within a digital realm, from initiation to conclusion, it allows for the maintenance of an exceptionally low error rate.
  • Our Nanodent physicians can alleviate patients' aesthetic concerns through immediate loading following implant treatments that they consider suitable.
  • Digital measurements enable the delivery of a remarkably comfortable treatment session, especially for patients with a nausea reflex.
  • This approach also extends the opportunity for patients residing outside the city and internationally to complete full-mouth restoration in a matter of days.
  • Another benefit lies in the capability to create a Digital Smile Design, which can then be presented to the patient prior to treatment, offering significant convenience in gaining the patient's confidence.

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