Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

In contemporary society, personal aesthetics holds significant importance in both our social interactions and professional pursuits. Aesthetics, as a multifaceted concept, is influenced by numerous factors, and one of these determinants is the aesthetics of one's smile. Numerous researchers have asserted that the aesthetics of a smile has a profound impact on an individual's socioeconomic aspects of life.

What, then, does smile aesthetics encompass? Smile aesthetics encompasses a variety of components, including the visual attributes of the gums, tooth size, tooth contour, facial midline, facial dimensions, and the colour and radiance of the teeth.

Dentists have developed a range of dental styles over numerous years of conducting aesthetic assessments. Among these styles, the 'Hollywood smile' enjoys widespread popularity. Nonetheless, smiles characterized by measurements based on the golden ratio offer our patients an aesthetic close to perfection. Within our clinic, we assist our patients in attaining their dream smiles using the Hollywood smile approach. However, we can also craft smiles in various styles and colour tones to accommodate our patients' preferences.

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