Multi Unit Abutment

Multi Unit Abutment

Abutments serve as the linkages connecting the implants and the prosthetic components in implant-supported prostheses. They play a pivotal role in establishing the manner in which the prosthesis is attached to the implant. In fixed implant-supported prostheses, two connection systems exist: cement-retained and screw-retained.

In cement-retained systems, the abutment takes on the appearance of a prepared tooth, and the prosthesis is affixed to the abutment on the implant through the application of an adhesive substance known as 'cement'.

In screw-based systems, intermediate connectors known as 'multi-unit abutments' are employed. Once these components are secured onto the implants within the oral cavity, they serve as a platform for performing all necessary procedures during the prosthesis manufacturing phase, thereby enhancing patient comfort. Prostheses created using the screw system can be inserted and removed by the dentist without incurring damage, courtesy of these components. This system enables easy repairs when needed. Furthermore, as there is no cement used during the attachment process, there is no risk of excess cement affecting the gum tissue.

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