Teeth whitening treatment is also known as Bleaching. These are procedures performed to clean the stains on the teeth. It is always more appropriate to have teeth whitening methods done professionally and it should be done with serious responsibility. To have the best teeth whitening in Antalya we invite you to NanodentTurkey.

Teeth Whitening in Antalya (Bleaching)

You should take problems such as staining and discoloration of your teeth seriously and get support from dentists on this issue. In this period, advanced technological products and treatment methods are used for teeth whitening in a hygienic clinical environment. Thanks to our NanodentTurkey dentists, the flesh of your teeth is not damaged in any way and you end up with whiter teeth and a happier face with the best teeth whitening treatment application in Antalya Turkey.




Turkey Antalya Teeth Whitening Benefits  

Thanks to teeth whitening, your self-confidence increases and you have a brighter facial line. Those who know you can easily notice the change in your face. With teeth whitening, you can enter a happier and more positive process and achieve a big change in your life.

By changing the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, you will have a different appearance around you.

You may suddenly encounter positive opinions around you that you normally do not hear.

Stains on your teeth can put you in a negative energy. Getting rid of these stains will allow you to look in the mirror more comfortably and confidently.

Since there are no surgical steps in the teeth whitening process, you can receive teeth whitening treatment more comfortably.

Oral health is a situation that can motivate people in every aspect or even negatively affect their day. Color and health problems in teeth and different factors in oral health can negatively affect your work and general life. Teeth whitening will help you eliminate these negativities and have a more positive day.

Thanks to teeth whitening, you will have a younger appearance with the change in your face.

How is Teeth Whitening Done?

Expert dentists perform teeth whitening procedures with the right technological materials and techniques. The suitability of the teeth, tooth color and the general condition of your oral health are primarily examined.

Precautions are taken to prevent damage to your gums and the treatment process is started this way. Special heat is given according to the need and the degree of whiteness. Additionally, special light and laser applications are also performed. These applications are completed and then the surface of your teeth is cleaned. A comparison is made between previously taken photos and newly taken photos.

After the teeth whitening process is completed, it becomes clear whether additional sessions are needed.

Our NanodentTurkey doctors give additional recommendations to maintain the achieved teeth whitening results. In addition, inspection planning is made for control.

What Should be Considered After Teeth Whitening?

If you want your teeth to remain this way for a long time after whitening, you will need to take into consideration certain issues recommended by the dentist.

You should take a break or reduce foods and drinks that will discolor your teeth.

If you smoke, quit or try to minimize smoking to keep your teeth white.

Beverages and types that leave color in your mouth can damage the whiteness of your teeth.

Consider tooth sensitivity and use toothpaste accordingly. You can use straws to prevent drinks from damaging your teeth.

Using dental floss is a generally known practice, and regular brushing of teeth should not be neglected.



Is it Worth Having Teeth Whitening?

It is recommended because it is a treatment process that the teeth undergo without pain and ache. Teeth whitening is recommended to achieve a more well-groomed appearance and to enjoy your smile more.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

After the teeth whitening process is completed, the whiteness of the first day of the teeth can be maintained for up to 2-3 years, depending on the care and protection of the teeth. Teeth whitening is not permanent. To maintain the results, correct practices, nutrition, and care must be maintained constantly.


Is Teeth Whitening a Painful Procedure?

No, teeth whitening does not require a painful procedure. Since it is not a surgical treatment, you can easily get results.

Sometimes patients may experience mild pain due to problems from the past. However, in general, it is a treatment completed without the need for anesthesia. All procedures performed in our Nanodent clinic are completed safely and with minimum discomfort.


Teeth Whitening Turkey Price Antalya

You can contact us to find out the current price of teeth whitening for 2024. For the treatment you will receive at teeth whitening prices in Antalya Turkey, you must first have your check-ups. In this way, we can say that exactly the cost of teeth whitening is the care and treatments you need.


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