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Dental implant problems should be treated due to discomfort or poor appearance that affects the normal flow of your life.

Dental implant treatment is the best choice for missing and severely damaged teeth. Dental implant treatment and personalized prostheses are made to help you eat, talk, improve your smile and live your life as normal in everything you do daily.




Cost of Dental Implant Turkey

As NanodentTurkey, we have provided our services to approximately patients since and achieved successful results. We undertake that we are the best dental implant center in Turkey and we guarantee that we will always be in the first place.

To have the best cost of Dental Implant in Turkey Antalya, we need to talk about the treatment you have and understand the situation. After all, we will talk about dental implant prices in Turkey to make you sure about what treatment and how the treatment you will have.

Is it Worth Going to Turkey for Dental Implants?

We see those who come to us for dental implant treatment as our guests, not our patients.

We also provide full mouth dental implants treatment in Antalya, which is perfect for individuals looking for an explanation of missing and failing teeth in a denture option.

Modern medicine benefits most from rapidly developing technology. In recent years, dentistry has also had its share of this. In this article, we wanted to touch upon the treatment methods applied in today's dentistry.

Thanks to the advancement of technology of dental implants, digital dentistry has caused changes and developments in dentistry and dental implants. Within the traditional methods of dental implants, prostheses and bridge methods are being replaced by implants over time with the advancement of technology.


In the treatment of your missing teeth, titanium screws are placed in the jawbone. A dental prosthesis is placed on these screws, respectively. In implant treatment, the adjacent teeth are not harmed. Dental implant treatment does not affect your natural smile, does not make eating difficult, and does not affect your speech.

Dental implant is the replacement of a damaged or missing tooth with a healthy tooth by changing the roots of the teeth in a surgical procedure. It is the best alternative method to dental bridging and prosthesis made with traditional methods.

When is Implantation Treatment Necessary?

If you are missing a single tooth and there is sufficient bone in the area where the dental implant will be placed, a dental crown can be placed on the implant.

Prostheses are used in cases where full or partial teeth are missing.

These prostheses are fixed by screwing them to the implants.

You can correct the aesthetic appearance of deformations in the face and jaw thanks to dental implant treatment.

Melting of the jaw bone or missing teeth are interrelated. In other words, missing teeth can cause melting of the jaw bone over time. For this, bone grafting is performed.

Problem with melting of the jaw bone: Having no teeth can cause melting of the jaw bone. If the jawbone is fused, bone grafting can be done before implant placement.

Since dental implants have reached a more advanced level with new technologies, they are more preferred than removable dentures.


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What are the Implant Treatment Methods?

Dental implant treatment is planned with measurements made after a comprehensive examination and x-ray.

For implant treatment, the patient receives light sedation. A detailed examination and x-rays must be taken before the procedure. In addition to the teeth, jaw bones are measured and examined in detail. There are two ways to place implants. In the first stage, a procedure is performed and after the implant is placed, the temporary headgear placement process is completed. In the next step, when the dental implant is inserted, the upper part is covered with gum and left to heal.

Dental prostheses are attached with their headgear. The patient can laugh, eat, and continue living life comfortably after dental implant treatment.

Titanium-coating implants were developed using zirconium implants. Zirconium method is frequently used in dental coatings due to its durability. The features of zirconium coating include many factors such as being white close to the natural tooth color, being durable, being more aesthetically beneficial, not being harmful to health, and not causing wear and tear.

Dental implant treatment is a treatment method that is durable for at least 20 years and does not cause health problems.

Is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey?

-Yes, It is safe to have dental implants in Turkey Antalya.

Best full mouth dental implants turkey package deals?

-We can make deals after we talk about what kind of treatments you need. Then we can have the list of what exactly you need about dental implants.


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